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Airport Planning, Design & Construction Symposium: 2023 PM/CM Track Highlights

Airport Planning, Design & Construction Symposium: 2023 PM/CM Track Highlights

Our PM/CM Track Team is looking forward to ensuring your winter ends on time by welcoming you to sunny Anaheim, California, on the first day of March 2023. Follow-up topics from previous popular symposium panels and new topics are lined up to bring you the latest in Project Management and Construction Management (PM/CM) best practices.

Here is a sneak peek of our line-up:

Digital Twins - An ACRP Study

A deeper dive into Digital Twin technology - what is it and what are best practices at airports? Panelists from airports and other industry experts participating in ACRP 03-66 (Guidebook for Digital Twin Programs at Airports) will discuss what they are developing while priorities and standards vary from airport to airport. This effort, soon to become an industry standard, identifies pros and cons to each approach.

Green Up Your Garage

Two recently completed large parking structures have brought sustainability features to a new level. Portland International Airport's (PDX) used a carbon-friendly approach to pouring massive amounts of concrete for their new Parking and Car Rental Facility (PCAR). They also built sustainable energy sources to power the car rental passenger center. At Kansas City International Airport (MCI), the first wireless vehicle charging pads were installed for the airport’s landside passenger bus fleet as part of the new 6,500 space parking structure for the new Airport Terminal. This is believed to be the first application of this technology at a US airport.

The $1.6B LAX Bradley West Gates - Designed the Largest Project Ever Undertaken by LAWA

Join us to discuss the largest Terminal project ever at LAWA from concept to construction. This Terminal Design panel will share details about the $1.6B, 1.5M square foot LAX Bradley West Gates Concourse, with perspectives from the design team and the owners. The discussion will include an in-depth look at the following elements of this state-of-the-art facility:

  • MSC North Project Elements
  • Operations Improvements
  • MSC Traveler Benefits
  • The Future of State-of-the-Art Terminals

Under Pressure - Part II: Overcoming Stresses and Delivery Success

At the 2022 Symposium, part I of this workshop focused on the identification of stresses in project delivery, including supply chain impacts, procurements, COVID, workforce shortages, and other factors. This workshop intends to take a deeper dive on the specific actions that were taken to respond to these stresses. The workshop will also provide ideas for actions to be taken in order to pivot for future project success. This panel discussion will focus on the stresses rather than a specific project or program.

The Added Value of Participation - Investing in the Future

This session will discuss the added value of diversity, equity, and inclusion shown through the lens of the M/WBE case study at the Denver International Airport Concourse Expansion Program. What does it mean for the airport, for the community, and for the industry?

The Details

Date: March 1-3, 2023
Location: Anaheim Marriott, Grand Ballroom G-K


To learn more about the Airport Planning, Design, & Construction Symposium, click HERE
For more event information such as registration, travel accommodations, and more, click HERE.

We look forward to seeing you in Anaheim, CA in March!



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