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Anser Advisory Introduces New Core Values

Anser Advisory Introduces New Core Values

A Reflection of Who We Are Today and In the Future

Core values have always been important to Anser Advisory. As we began integrating the industry-leading firms that joined our team in 2021 into one cohesive brand, we saw an opportunity to examine and update our values to reflect who Anser Advisory is today, as well as what kind of company we want to be for our employees, clients, and communities.

To achieve this, we worked with a third-party consulting firm and two cross-functional working groups that included employees from Anser and each legacy brand, including Markon Solutions, Wallace & Associates, IntegrateIT, and Government Services Group. The process included multiple surveys and interactive focus group sessions.

As Anser Advisory CEO Bryan Carruthers stated in our recent town hall meeting, “I’ve been asked, ‘why is it that Anser Advisory would consider changing our values, which we’ve often articulated in the past as being employee-centric, client-focused, and results-driven?’ The answer is that we’re a very, very different organization today than we were even 13 months ago. And, in order to truly capture in a collective and inclusive manner what we are today and where we want to be heading moving forward, it felt like the right time to pause and reflect and create and align on how we’re going to talk about our values and how we’re going to interact with one another.”

At Anser Advisory, we value:

  • Leading with Humility: We prioritize the team, celebrate the wins of others, and give credit where credit is due
  • Bringing Our Authentic Selves: We embrace what makes us unique because it makes us a better, stronger collective
  • Creating a Welcoming & Inclusive Environment for All: We actively seek and advocate for diverse perspectives and experiences
  • Developing Our People to Excel in Work & Life: We support team members in pursuit of their life goals and passions, both at Anser and beyond
  • Delivering Excellent Results: We foster creativity, agility, and innovation for continuous client, community, and company growth

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