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Anser Advisory Offers Virtual ICD 705+ Course

Anser Advisory Offers Virtual ICD 705+ Course

What is ICD 705?

Simply put, Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705 is about the lifecycle of a Sensitive Compartmented Intelligence Facilities (SCIFs) within the intelligence community. SCIFs are spaces designed and approved to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Here's who should attend

This course is suited best for government and private industry professionals involved in the planning, inspection, construction oversight, and/or accreditation of secure facilities. You will gain an understanding of ICD 705 requirements and how to best apply them to the design and construction of a space to achieve accreditation.

There are no prerequisites for this course. Due to the nature of the course information, we are limiting attendees to US citizens.

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Class dates and hours

The next class will be held over 4 days from October 24-27 (32 total hours). To minimize health risks during COVID, we opted to establish this course using only unclassified information so it can be held virtually.

Meet the instructor

Jennifer Holcomb, PE, PMP®, PSP, CPP, CPD

Jennifer currently serves as Security Solution Lead for Anser Advisory's Federal Division where she is charged with managing the firm’s security consulting services. She has spent 20 years overseeing complex security missions across the country for state, municipal, federal, and private organizations and has over 11 years of experience overseeing construction and renovation in SCIFs. 

Topics that will be covered

  • The overall lifecycle from SCIF approval process, from preparing for and executing construction through operations and maintenance once accredited.

  • Variations with overseas construction.

  • Opportunity (pending availability) to talk with some of the accrediting staff to share lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid.


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Yes, there will be a test

To ensure that you have understood the information presented, there will be an exam at the end of the course. Students will receive a certificate of completion. You also earn professional development hours (PDHs).


Did you notice the “+” after ICD 705 in the title?

In supporting clients undertaking these efforts, we recognize some of the challenges faced. For that reason, we have added modules to address contracting concerns as well as doing a deeper dive into the roles of construction security support to avoid mistakes at critical points during construction. This is not part of the normal ICD 705 curriculum and that’s why we have a “+” at the end of the name.

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