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Anser Announces Q4 Advisory & Compliance Promotions

Anser Announces Q4 Advisory & Compliance Promotions

Anser Advisory is broadening the ways in which we can continue to meet opportunities through Infrastructure investment and Jobs Acts. Congratulations to our new Directors as you continue forward in this new journey.

David Griffith

“Thank you to everyone on the A-SLT who decided to recognize my contributions during my time here at Anser. We have an incredible team who continues to redefine the standards for excellence in Advisory and Compliance. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with each of you in the Higher Education sector and look forward to helping this remarkable team continue to grow our impact in this industry”


Sarah Stumpo

“The past (nearly!) 2 years with Anser have been some of the most rewarding of my career. It’s been an exciting whirlwind of activity and I am proud to work alongside everyone. Looking forward to what’s next!”


Dean Fojo

“Team-wide collaboration and forward-looking problem solving are skills that have served me well in the past and I look forward to bringing to this new position.”


Heather Lee

“When I received this recognition, I was reminded of this quotation that captures the moment best:”

“Those who are successful overcome their fears & take action; those who aren’t submit to their fears & live with the regrets.“ -Anonymous


Tim Coenen

“Anser has been an important part of my career and professional growth, and I appreciate the responsibility they’ve given me as a Director. I look forward to strengthening our current client ties and to growing both our health care and private sector business.”


Phillip Johns

“It is so exciting to be recognized by my peers in this new capacity and to be part of the Anser team!”


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