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Introducing "Consulting Redefined: An Anser Advisory Podcast"


Anser Advisory is pleased to announce the launch of our new podcast series — Consulting Redefined: An Anser Advisory Podcast — where we continue our focus on what sets Anser Advisory apart. 

Join us as we meet with seasoned experts and thought leaders from across Anser Advisory and around the industry to discuss complex challenges faced by organizations, opportunities to innovate for impact, and other emerging trends. Through a combination of diversified perspectives, deep experience, and forward-thinking conversations, the Anser Advisory podcast aims to deliver compelling insights and valuable consulting expertise to engage and educate its listeners.

In the series' inaugural episode, our host and Anser Advisory's K-14 Director, Dr. Rick Fernandez, interviews Jennifer Holcomb, Anser Advisory's senior technical expert and developer of R-SHIELD™, the Company's latest proprietary risk solution, and J. Kelly Stewart, Chief Security Strategist and founder of Newcastle Consulting, LLC. The episode highlights the current state of physical security, innovations in the security space, and changes that need to be made.

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Watch the first episode and visit to learn more about our R-SHIELD™ security solution.

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