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Exploring the Terminal Project at SAT

Exploring the Terminal Project at SAT

Planning the growth for the San Antonio metro area has paid off. Location, climate, industry support, education, infrastructure, and economics are just a few of the advantages driving the area’s projected population to top 4 million by 2050. To support the anticipated rise in airport traffic, San Antonio International (SAT) is undergoing a major expansion. The terminal development program will, in fact, be the largest single project in the city’s history. 

Currently, over 10 million passengers fly in and out of SAT each year, and by 2033 or sooner, that number could climb to 15 million passengers annually. As expected, this bold transformation will involve every aspect of the airport as a vital hub. In addition to a complete renovation and modernization of Terminal A, a brand-new terminal will be added, and the airfield, runways, and transportation will be improved. 

This monumental project includes hundreds of forward-thinking features designed around support, convenience, sustainability, accessibility, safety, commerce, and efficiency. By 2028, the area and the world will be welcome to all that this state-of-the-art airport brings.  

Behind the Scenes: Advisory, Compliance, and Management

The extensive list of contractors and consultants SAT has brought in has been selected for their proven capabilities, collaborative spirit, and their roles in previous airport transformations. Anser Advisory is proud to be among them, providing a wide range of services for every phase of the project. We can provide all facets of aviation facility advisory services, management consulting services, program and project management, construction management, and construction auditing.

At SAT, our teams have been involved in key planning, design, leadership, and construction decisions from the beginning. In addition to construction and finance professionals, many of our staff have held various leadership positions at some of the largest airports in the country, which, as consultants, gives us a unique perspective on what it takes to keep such a project on track. 

Our specialized teams have played significant multiple roles for large international airport projects such as O’Hare, Cincinnati, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, LAX, and Orlando. Meeting stakeholders’ and customers’ demands from such capital projects requires juggling many priorities. Our “down-in-the-trenches” experience has helped us establish a niche in the aviation consulting market. This allows us to apply decades of collective experience to meet an airport’s specific needs and easily integrate ourselves as adjunct staff to support an Executive Leadership Team, as well as other airport staff as needed. 

To learn more about Anser Advisory’s roles during this terminal development program and other projects we have worked on, please visit our landing page: