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SiteView™ (powered by Eyrus®) for On-Time, On-Budget Construction

SiteView™ (powered by Eyrus®) for On-Time, On-Budget Construction

It’s a fact. Owners, construction managers (CMs), and general contractors (GC) cannot be everywhere at once. With traditional means of managing projects, unseen problems build early and often.

Here’s an all too familiar scenario: five carpenters arrive on site when you were expecting eight – and, they’re late. In a similar scenario, a contractor expects work on a critical activity, when in fact, the aligning crew never arrives on-site. In both scenarios, the resulting chain reaction is significant. Other subcontractors cannot do the work they were scheduled to do and the Owner cannot occupy a space, bring in furniture, or connect technology.

Traditionally, the magnitude of these problems remains undiscovered until the end of the month or later. Unfortunately, by then the site has transformed, and the ability to course correct is delayed. Project issues are now too big, and mitigation costs soar. Owners, CMs, and GCs need real-time data, analytics, and forecasting to keep the project on time and on budget. They need greater visibility over their worksites to understand what is going on before problems arise.

Call out graphic for blogSiteView™ is a virtual solution for owners and construction managers

What if an eye in the sky provided an accurate, real-time view of the construction site, from mobilization to demobilization? SiteView™ is Anser Advisory’s solution for effectively managing today’s complex construction projects requiring real-time data gathering and analysis to understand, predict, and influence time and cost outcomes.

SiteView™ uses sensors at site entry points to automatically detect site labor by trade. Comparing this data against a resource-loaded schedule gives Owners, CMs, and GCs immediate awareness of any subcontractor not meeting the projection. The software can also decipher if projected site activity (based on hours) matches actual performance.

Our cloud-based solution enables the on-site workforce and stakeholders at the office to exchange, receive, and collaborate on construction projects in real time. Together, the team can streamline workflows, improve productivity, promote safety, and proactively mitigate risks, to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget. These benefits translate into reduced claims and lower total project costs.

How Anser Advisory leverages SiteView™ for you

Gathering big data for a construction project is one thing. Making sense of the data is the real key to success. Anser Advisory has deep proprietary knowledge of the SiteView™ software. We also have experienced and certified construction managers who have worked on marquee programs worldwide. We have a true understanding of the inefficiencies that occur on all project types.

Our support of SiteView™ for your construction project begins with the setup. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers and tags are installed and distributed. Approved resource-loaded schedules are uploaded, and tracking progress begins on the project dashboard. Our team monitors ‘planned delivery versus actual delivery’ daily with project forecasting to ensure on-time or improved project delivery. If the forecast show delays, Anser Advisory supports the Owner on mitigation strategies. This solution can be customized with project-specific work pages.

SiteView™ metrics tell the real-world story

hardhat-eyrusSiteView™ has deployed on twelve major construction projects. Our experience includes:

  • Capturing and analyzing 15,000 man-hours for all trades per project.
  • Tracking 150 contractors daily on average (the most was 400 contractors).
  • Monitoring 2,000 resourced activities per project.
Our team can use historical data from previous projects to create a database of contractors. Such a database allows Owners to pinpoint which contractors and crews are most effective.

Anser Advisory partnered with Eyrus® to develop SiteView™

In 2018, Markon Solutions, a subsidiary of Anser Advisory, supported the Eyrus® virtual workforce visibility technology on construction sites nationwide. Markon provided the technical expertise to set up the system, input contractor schedules into the system, monitor on-site activity remotely, and provide analysis to the client from the dashboard results.

Markon’s scope also included improving workforce forecasting and the Eyrus® platform itself. Markon’s partnership with Eyrus®, and the proprietary expert services Markon provides utilizing this software, became the branded solution we call SiteView™. We worked with Eyrus® to automate features in the software and make recommendations that best apply to real-world construction challenges. SiteView™ combines world-class construction experts and world-class software to profoundly improve the entire construction management process in real-time, with clear dashboards that visibly display project status and progress to keep projects on time, on cost, and built as planned.

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